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"Pauline Oliveros is a virtuoso at creating environments for musicians to explore. The legendary 84-year old composer, accordionist, and electronic pioneer is perhaps best known for her tape experiments from the ’60s, but her musical scores are just as innovative. Most of them contain text rather than musical notation, and eschew hard-and-fast directions in favor of poetic guidelines to be interpreted. In other words, she doesn’t tell people what to play, but how to play—and just as importantly, how to listen. Given this creative freedom, her collaborators often respond with something that’s less like music to passively listen to than spaces your mind can enter and probe."  Marc Masters,

Accordions Rising
Pauline Oliveros - Featured Artist on Accordions Rising a documentary feature film about the resurgence of interest in accordion music over the last 30-40 years. 

A giant of the avant-garde shows us how to listen.

Pauline Oliveros is one of modern music's most important figures, precisely because her work transcends music itself. While many people have heard of her contemporaries like Steve Reich and Philip Glass, Oliveros' five decades of work is so wide-reaching that popular culture has barely kept up. She was a founding member of the San Francisco Tape Music Center in the '60s, and devised a musical concept called Deep Listening, which stemmed from a trip into a giant underground cistern with a 45-second reverb.  Read more from RA Exchange...

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Whitney Biennial - Filmed by Daniel Weintraub and James Perley - Edited by Daniel Weintraub

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